Frequently asked questions


I got all my coins and points, can I use them directly?

Yes, go on. There is no restriction on how to use them. Spend them for packs, FUT Draft or on the transfer market. Your choice.


Is there a limit on how much coins and points I can generate?

We don’t give you any limit. Also you can use this FIFA 17 coins hack as often as you want to. We can only suggest you to use it carefully. Don’t generate too much coins and points. Keep it real.


Any risk of getting banned?

Normally not. But if you are generating 50 millionen coins in one day, there is a very huge risk of getting banned. Just keep it real. One or two million per day is absolutely fine.


I did everything, but didn’t receive my coins yet. Why?

Try again or wait. There are many factors which could affect the delivery time. For example your internet connection, our hosts connection, EAs server connection (its bad isn’t it), how many user are using this tool, what time of the day you are using it etc.


I  always get the request to make a human verification. Why?

Possibly your IP have used this generator before. Or someone around you (in your city or neighborhood) used this hack. Simply verify yourself as a human and you will be fine. It takes only two minutes. Sometimes they will ask you for giving you their phone number, just do it. You can easily send “STOP” after receiving the SMS. This will keep it for free.


Why do you even want us to make a human verification?

Some hacker used our Generator by making bots, which are automatically generating free FIFA 17 coins to their accounts. After that they sold the accounts and the coins. We want to prevent this. Please respect it.